Types of Internal Floating Roofs

1. Pontoon Aluminum IFR type- an aluminum pontoon IFR is the most economical type IFR available in the marketplace today with typical payback of less than one year.
2. "HC" full contact IFR type- a HC IFR is most price competitive when compare with steel designs and does not require a hydrotest per API recommendations. And, because it is pre-fabricated, quality control is maximized and installation is completed in less than one third of the time.
3. Hybrid SS/aluminum pontoon type-this IFR was developed for products which may be corrosive to aluminum in the liquid phase. This IFR is the same basic design as the Aluminum skin and pontoon IFR except that all submerged components are constructed of stainless steel.
4. Stainless Steel IFR type- this type was developed for products whcih may be corrosive to aluminum in the liquid phase. Same design as the all aluminum IFR, but made with all SS components.
5. Cable suspended IFR type-because of the benefits of cable suspension systems, leg-supported internal aluminum floating roofs are becoming obsolete. Most owner now recognize the benefits of cable suspending their aluminum IFR's.

Helium Testing in Large Welded Storage Tanks

Brown Tank was recently contracted by a customer to test a tank floor for leaks and guarantee it's service. While we normally utilize vaccum box testing after welding seams in the floor, Brown Tank used helium testing over 2 days to give the customer 100% satisfaction. Helium is the best choice of tracer gas to find leaks for a number of reasons. It is non-toxic, inert, non-condensable, non-flammable and not normally present in the atmosphere at more than trace amounts. (5 ppm). Due to its small atomic size, helium passes easily through leaks. The only molecule smaller than Helium is Hydrogen, which is not inert. It is also relatively inexpensive and is available in various size cylinders. Brown Tank has the industry experience to perform this level of service for our customers.
Ethanol Workshop and Expo
2015 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop

Scott Kraker and Adam Iliff were among 200 exhibitors at the 2015 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo. They had a good time catching up with past and present clients and look forward to another great year with Brown Tank. Brown Tank has worked in the ethanol industry for decades and have the extensive experience to help you with smaller fermenters to large ethanol storage tanks. Please call or email us with any questions; we'd be happy to help.

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